Cultivation, harvest of apples


Apple is fruit which labor and time that care is necessary suffers from through one year until it begins for the winter pruning and reaches gain in autumn. We introduce to bring up red, delicious apple what kind of activity producer carries out.

From January to March training, the pruning

Work of the first beginning to select the quality of apple as

Solar light being each branch by cultivation of apple well in the most important one. "The pruning" to cut unnecessary branch is important work to perform in apple cultivation first. Leaving which branch, which branch do you cut? Perception that we cultivated by longtime experience is reliance.

From May to July picking flowers, fruit picking

We ascertain growth and put nourishment intensively

By concentrating on, and pouring well-bred nourishment that we saved really, it is delicious, and big apple grows. "Picking flowers, fruit picking" to pick up flower and fruit while it is small is work of that purpose. Confirmation is important which flower, real growth looks good.

August - leaf knob, ball mawashi

Enough sun brings up bright red apple

As light of day is successful, anthocyanin which is red pigment is born from sugar in fruit. "Leaf knob, ball mawashi" is work that really moderate light is. As enough light is successful before crop, bright red apple grows.

From August to November gain

We ascertain the degree of ripeness and harvest at the most suitable time

In the case of "crop", it grasps the degree of ripeness of apple to be delicious, and to ship apple doing storable duration, and it is necessary to ascertain mature fruit. When flowers became in full bloom, at time of crop, it is revealed by the days of the sky, but we check "color" "hardness" "sugar content" and judge.

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