Kind of apple


Kind of apple that there are about 2,000 kinds in about 15,000 kinds, Japan in the world. New apple is born by selective breeding one after another even now. In apple that there is number, we introduce kind that is cultivated a lot in Azumino in particular.


Apple of premature delivery class to be sold from summer

In sweet "Golden Delicious" and mating kind of "Jonathan apple" which worked of acidity, Nagano accounts for about a one-third of national amount of production. It is characterized by being sweet, and there being little acidity. Shipment begins in the beginning of August because it is premature delivery class.
Sugar content: 13-14%
Acidity: Around 0.3%
Time: The early August and late September

Shinano dolce

In tight flesh, it is resistance to the teeth well

Original kind born in Nagano that crossbred "Chiaki" characterized by "Golden Delicious" and tight flesh. Sweetness, acidity features texture that a lot of fruit juice stood up straight with medium degree together. Premature delivery class to be sold following tsugaru.
Sugar content: Around 14%
Acidity: Around 0.4%
Time: From the middle of September to the end

Shinano suite

Is red, and is sweet, "is right sweet"

Original kind born in Nagano that crossbred sweet "wisteria" and "Tsugaru" of premature delivery class with Jushi. There is much fruit juice, and the feature of sweetness is that there is little acidity moderately. The epidermis turns red, and vertical stripes of agriculture red enters.
Sugar content: 14-15%
Acidity: Around 0.3%
Time: From the beginning of October to the end

Shinano gold

In solid flesh, it is most suitable for processing

Apple that this was bright yellow in spite of being "Golden Delicious" and mating kind of "Chiaki" as well as "Shinano dolce." Sweetness and balance of acidity are good. We are suitable for processing and are used for juice or apple pie.
Sugar content: 14-15%
Acidity: Around 0.3%
Time: The mid-October and late December


Representative of delicious apple which is popular in the world

Apple which occupies approximately 60% of apple amount of production of Nagano, and is cultivated most in Japan. Mating kind of "Kunimitsu" and "Delicious." Honey is easy to enter and is juicy, and the feature is that it is sweet. Storable duration is good and is shipped until around February.
Sugar content: 15-16%
Acidity: Around 0.4%
Time: The late October and late February

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